DIY Book Thong

Hey there!

I know that e-readers are all the rage but I still read good old fashioned books with covers from time to time. And, when you read good old fashioned books with covers, you need to keep your place. When you need to mark your page in a book, you can use a book thong.

Yep. I said book thong. I giggled when I heard the term too but it's the perfect name for a ribbon bookmark.

In my back to school post, I showed some handmade bookmarks that were quick and easy. These bookmarks are just as easy to make. Once you learn how to make one, you'll want to make several.

The best type of ribbon is thin ribbon. But, if you don't have thin ribbon, that's ok. You also need charms -- two charms per book thong.

I always pick up charms on sale but don't think that you have to spend a lot on charms. You know that you have jewelry that is broken or you don't wear anymore? You can use that. This is an earring that was too heavy for my ear but perfect for a bookmark. I simply used one of my jewelry tools to turn the ear hook into a loop.

I cut a length of ribbon to about 26". I looped one end of my ribbon to one of the charms. I tied a tight knot and I (under adult supervision) burned the end of the ribbon so that the charm won't come off.

I threaded the other charm through the opposite end of the ribbon. I doubled the ribbon and tied a double knot at the end. The double knot means the ribbon will be adjustable.

The nice thing about the book thong with the adjustable ribbon is that you can use your bookmark in small books and large books. You simply adjust the string to your book size!

From now on when I give a book as a gift, and I do like to do that, I'm going to include a book thong with it!

If you want to see more types of bookmarks, check out my Pinterest page and see what I found.

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