Flip Thru - Michaels Hot Buy Paper Pads

Hey there!

I some bought paper pads from Michaels.... again. They were on sale for $5. I only picked up 4 paper pads - Fly Me Away, Serenity, Happy Fall and Autumn Dream. That's my defense and I'm sticking to it.

I didn't need new fall paper pads. I don't need another paper pad ever in life. But, these were so pretty. I could not resist getting them. It means I have to get to crafting but that's a "problem" I'll have to work through.

Fly Me Away is a great paper pad for traveling and exploring craft projects. You get postcards, journal spots and cut out pages. The color palette contains beautiful sages, soft peaches, mustards and pale blues.

Serenity is so pretty. It's a rose gold, lavender, peach and gray-blue base. I love having a paper pad that is versatile and this one is that. My first thought was about cutting into this for my planner, creating a beautiful mini album or flip book and scrapbooking galore.

Let me say that I DID NOT need fall paper pads -- but I could not resist! These pads are colorful with gold foiling -- perfect for fall crafts. You have your cut outs and full sheets that are perfect for framing. There is beautiful texture on the pages and watercolor pages. Happy Fall is your cute, whimsical page but Autumn Dream is the one I can't wait to play with. The gold writing on the pages is beautiful and the foiling... well, there are going to be some great crafts.

I love watching videos that show me quick flip thrus of paper pads. I like knowing what's in a stack of paper before I bring it home. I thought I'd do you a favor and flip through these 4 paper pads for you! In case you're only interested in one of the paper packs or want to skip one of them, I added the start time for each pad.

I hope you enjoy!

Fly Me Away First

Serenity 3:47

Happy Fall 6:42

Autumn Dream 10:04

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