Fall Tissue Paper Wreath

Hey there!

This morning I saw a flock of birds presumably flying South for the winter.

I know that it's still early in the year and that those birds were probably just taking a morning flight, but once we have a cold snap, I pull out my winter faux fur and go into cold anger. Yes, it's currently 87 degrees right now in Atlanta but it was cold this morning! Cold this morning means I need to go ahead and pull out the fall decor.

Soon. Not today.

Instead, I decided to make a quick tissue paper wreath for the fall. I knew it would help me get into the crisp air spirit while letting me keep my "Flip Flops Only Here" sign above my door.

I started with yellow, green, orange and red tissue paper, a piece of cardboard, glue, scissors and a pencil. I also pulled out a silver charger to use as a template for my wreath form.

I created a circle with the charger and used my scissors to cut it out. If your cardboard is thick, you may have to use a craft knife. I also used a smaller glass dish to use to cut the center out of my wreath form.

I cut my tissue paper into 5" - 6" squares. Now, I cut a lot of tissue paper. You could probably get away with half of what I cut. My suggestion is to cute about 5 sheets of paper up and then add extra as needed.

Once I had my tissue paper cut, I began scrunching the pieces and adding glue. I began adding the tissue paper haphazardly but knowing what I know now, I'd add my tissue paper to the inside of the circle and then add layers, moving toward the outer circle.

Once you've finished your wreath, it's time to add some twine or ribbon for hanging. Because this is cardboard, it's not very heavy. I found a empty space and I used my poking tool and my craft knife to make two holes at the top.

I love using my Dollar Tree twine. I took a long piece of the green and a long piece of the brown twine, doubled them and then fed them through the holes that I punched. Once I threaded my twine through, I added more tissue paper to cover up the holes.

How cute is this??? It's easy, a craft that the kiddos could help with and a nice way to transition into fall.

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