October Monthly Planner Pages

Hey there!

Good gosh! I missed all of September. I set up my planner, took a sip of pumpkin spice latte and boom! Gone! Now it's time to set up my October monthly planner pages.

So I took care of that this weekend.

In a haul a few weeks ago I showed this Michael's Hot Buy paper pad by Craft Smith, "Happy Fall". When I purchased it my first thought was how all of the patterns and cutouts would be perfect in my planner. I was right! It was perfect.

I set up the October monthly page in both my Petals + Blooms Planner and my Happy Planner. I use one of them for my simple weekly planner, just to see what's going on at a glance. The other one I use for in-depth budgeting and planning purposes. While pretty during the weekly spreads is fine, my monthly spreads are pretty sparse and ready for the pen.

The first thing that I did was rip out the cutout pages and cut them out. This paper pad had "washi" strips and 3 X 4 cards and small word phrases. You can do a lot with that many cut outs.

I also pulled out my fall craft box. If you're new, I have a craft box for every season. It just holds all of my season specific items like stickers, stamps, ribbon, die cuts, etc.

My Petals + Blooms Planner, while pretty, has some very bold prints on it. Fall is a tad bit softer so I decided to change the October dashboard page. Some folks might like the black floral but I thought the cream one was better for me.

The monthly page for both planners needed jazzing up. In place of washi tape on the edges, I used the "washi" strips from the paper pad. I also used my makers to make the boxes stand out.

Once I was finished with the pages, I decided I needed page markers for each planner. The P+B planner got a thin, 1 1/2" strip of paper that I decorated and used to clear packing tape to cover.

The HP planner got a larger strip of paper with more embellishments. I used Dollar Tree self laminating sheets for covering this one. If you can't find those, you can always use clear shelf paper. And, the great thing is that the pages are dry erase marker friendly!

And there you have it! October monthly in my planners.

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