Halloween Envelope Flipbook

Hey there!

There are few things that are as calming as creating a flipbook. It doesn't matter what type of flipbook -- scrapbook paper, tags or envelopes. I wrote out some thank you cards a few weeks ago and still have the cards and envelopes still on my desk so....

The great thing about envelope flipbooks are that you can create each page into something different. You can have tucks spots or folders so that you can add your cutouts and shakers cards inside.

You can add flips and folds and journaling spots. The person that you are making this for will love the fact that, literally with every turn, you have something new to see and play with.

My entire book is made from 4 envelopes. I added some cardboard to the front and back for strength and a scary black, spider web ribbon to close my flipbook.

I used lots of embellishments. I used gems and dots and sparkly stickers and washi tape. Adding just one extra embellishment to a page always makes the page better!

Just pull out all of the bits and pieces of paper that you have in your scrapbook and go to town. My flipbook is a Halloween one so I used specific paper and cut outs but, if you want to make a general flipbook, just put your paper pieces together. It's your creation and it's going to be great!

Have you ever made a flipbook? If so, what type and if not, why not? It's easy!!

Maybe, if you're very nice, I'll make one with you!!

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