How I Color My Wooden Embellishments

Hey there!

A while back I showed you a birthday flipbook that I had created. In the front of that book was a wooden inspirational word embellishment piece that I colored to match my flipbook. I told you in that post that I might show you how I color my pieces.

Today I'm going to do just that.

I get my wooden embellishment pieces from all over the place. These particular pieces are from Michael's craft store. You get three of them for about $1.50. You can also find them on online shops. I enjoy picking up items from eBay and Amazon so check there too.

One of the first things that I did was paint my embellishment. I used Pewter Grey by Apple Barrel (probably from Walmart so $.50) as a base color. Then I sprayed it with Heidi Swapp's Color Shine in Tea (from the clearance section at Michaels). I let each layer dry about 20 minutes in between painting and sprays.

Over a year ago I picked up a watercolor paint tray from Michaels. It is the Artists Loft Fundamentals Pearlescent Watercolor Pan Set for $5 (use a coupon people!). I use this watercolor set for everything. I even have a spritz bottle with some pearlescent paint and water to use as a shiny gloss. This was a GREAT investment.

After I used several colors (gray, green, and white) from the pearlescent paint, I let it dry again. If I look and think it needs a little bit more, then I add it. You can add glitter or fabric or ribbon or gemstones to your embellishment piece. It's your creation. You make it as detailed or simple as you want.

So that you could see what I did, I added a video below. Let me know if you make an embellishment and what you add!


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