Making My October Daily 2017 - The Binder

Hey there!

It's October Daily time again! In a previous blog post I mentioned what October Daily was and how I participate. I also showed you the papers and embellishments that I plan on using. This year I wanted to include you in the process. My plan is to show you each week my process and once the October Daily is complete, I'll do a flip through.

Today I thought I'd show you the binder that I am planning on using.

Last year I purchased a premade kraft 3 ring binder and used that. I was easy to use and I could focus on the pages within the daily. This year I decided to make my own binder. I have some of these cardboard pieces that are 11'" X 18" each. I cut them down to 11" X 8" each. I only created 12 pieces (24 pages) because the first part of October won't be as daily as the rest. I'm going on vacation so that will mainly be its own binder.

Once I cut my pages to the sizes that I liked, I punched them with my strong hole punch. I knew that I was using my book rings as binding. These rings are 2" so I can really fill up my daily with lots of embellishment fun.

I cut my pages to be slightly smaller than my cardboard page pieces. They are 10 3/4" X 7 1/4". I used paper from the Echo Park collections as well as plain pieces of cardstock and extra pages from other paper pads.

Because the pages are smaller than the cardboard, I decided to paint the cardboard dark gray. To get a color that I liked, I mixed Apple Barrel paint in pewter gray and black. I ended up with a darker gray that I liked.

Once I got the color I liked, I painted the edge of all of my cardboard pages. Yes, it took quite a while to do it because I had to let each page dry, but the end result was really nice.

The cover is a thicker chipboard piece that I cut slightly larger than the cardboard page pieces. I did the exact same thing that I did for the cardboard pages. I cut them with a border and then I punched them near the edge.

I looped my book ring through the top holes just to make sure they matched and happily, they do!

So besides the "painting and letting it dry" portion, the binder itself wasn't too tough! I'll be sure that I decorate the cover and the back of the binder of course but I'm excited to decorate the inside pages!

Make sure you come back next Tuesday and see what else I've done!

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