Making My October Daily 2017 - The Cover

Hey there!

Last year I explained what an October Daily was, where I got the idea from and the materials I used to create it. Then, toward the beginning of November, I did a flip through. This year I wanted to do a deep dive and show you how I made the binder and pages for my October daily.

Last week I showed you the binder of my October Daily for this year. This week I thought I'd show you the cover for my binder.

I knew early on that I'd be making a three ring binding made from book rings. I knew what paper i'd use for my inside pages. I also knew that I'd use cardboard for my cover.

Even thought the edging on my binder pages was gray, I wanted my cover to stand out. Instead of using the same gray, I went with sterling silver to give it a pretty metallic look.

My favorite trinket for the cover of my October Daily is my wooden embellishment. I showed a few weeks ago how I change up the color of my wooden embellishments. I love being able to tailor pieces to the projects that I am working on and this iridescent purple piece is gorgeous.

I pulled some pieces from my Halloween embellishment stash and added them to the cover. Being able to pull a few items from my Halloween bucket is time saving. I don't have to make anything special, just pull a piece and go.

I never look at things in only one way. I purchased some Halloween necklaces from Dollar Tree and cut pieces of the necklaces off. That was how I created a plastic charm-like dangle for the front cover.

The base of my cover is a loop of orange and black steamer with a purple ribbon in the middle. I added purple and black flowers and leaves and a black plastic twig to the center.

This will be the base of my cover. As I decorate the inside, I'll probably add a little more. But, this is my base and this is the beginning of my October Daily. This is my inspiration.

Have you decided to create an October Daily yet? If not, do you need some inspiration? Go to Pinterest and type in October Daily. You'll find some great ideas.

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