DIY Halloween Tray

Hey there!

I have a weird love of trays. You can put lots of things on trays. In my craft area I like to add my projects to trays. It's a display area that changes with the season.

I found a purple tray at Dollar Tree and I decided to trick it out for Halloween (he he -- did you get that?). Most of the items that used were from the Dollar Tree.

I hot glued 3 shot glasses to one end of the tray. You can add all types of trinkets and projects to them. If you want to use your tray like a crafting station, you can put sequins, buttons, ephemera or gems in your shot glasses. I like to use them to hold the items that might roll around the tray.

I picked up a pack of bugs at the Dollar Tree. Actually, they are bug rings. I clipped the bottoms of the rings and just hot glued the face pieces of spiders, skulls and bats to my tray. I also hot glued a dark rose to the tray. It's Halloween! You have to have a dark floral effect.

Because I'm always looking for a way to use ephemera pieces, I decided to Mod Podge a few to my tray. I used glossy Mod Podge so my tray would shine (and cause it's the first one my hands fell on). You can Mod Podge the entire tray with pictures, ephemera or cut outs or you can do like me and just cover half the tray. But, when you use your Mod Podge, put it all over the tray so that the entire tray is glossy.

My tray isn't spooky as much as it is fun. I like having things at hand and this was a super easy project that accomplished that. It can be used for room decor, a candy station, a trinket tray, whatever you like! Just make sure you pull out your crafts and make one for yourself!

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