Cupcake Liner Embellishments

Hey there!

I having such a great time making embellishments. If you looked in my shopping cart at the store, you'd think I'm making a ton of cupcakes. Nope! I'm making cupcake liner embellishments.

This is another easy craft. You can make this project for any season or holiday. All you need is...

--- Large baking cupcake liners

--- Small baking cupcake liners

--- Stickers, gems, buttons or something else for your middle

--- (Optional) a paper straw

--- (Optional) ribbon and/or yarn

--- Adhesive (I mix double sided tape and a hot glue gun)

I get my cupcake liners from the Dollar Tree. You can get them from the grocery store or anywhere actually. You can also fan fold some scrap paper and make one.

I smooth my cupcake liners out and them scrunch them in the middle to the desired size. I discovered that I can actually use two of the same size liner and get two different sizes just by how much you scrunch.

Once you have two (or more) sized liners glue them together. Now I like to do the most sometimes so every now and then I like to add ribbon or yarn between the layers.

Once you have your layers layered, add your center embellishment. That can be buttons, gems, stickers or embellishments from your embellishment bucket.

You can match your colors or create your own palette. I tend to try to match.

You can leave your liner embellishment as is or you can add a paper straw to the back. I just squish the top of my straw and then hot glue it to the liner. For a clean look I punch a circle and add it to the back. Again, you can add ribbon or yarn for that extra touch.

In case you wanted to see my cupcake liner embellishment skills, I've included a video.


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