Making My October Daily 2017 - The Tassel

Hey there!

When you purchase yarn, you normally purchase it for a specific reason. If you are knitting or crocheting, then you buy several skeins of yarn and you might have a little left over. If you are like me, a crafter with eclectic projects, then you use about 2 feet of yarn and have an entire skein left over. What do you do then? You make tassels.

I decided that my October Daily needed a tassel. I have yarn so it seemed like a good idea. I pulled out some black, purple and orange yarn, some charms and doo-dads and some ribbon. Then I got to working.

I knew that I wanted my tassel to be a certain size, so I used my Happy Planner cover as a template for my tassel. If you aren't sure how to make a tassel, check out this post . I wrapped the tassel around the cover about 80 times (I like a full tassel) and added a few strands of ribbon for excitement. I then tied off the top of the tassel and added my book binding ring.

I have several spooky charms that I wanted to add so I put some jump rings together and added the charms at the bottom. I'm not professional or even particularly good at making charm strands (sometimes they fall apart) but you can check out some YouTubers that have excellent charm making videos.

If you didn't want to fool with jump rings you could certainly glue certain charms to the tassel or loop the charms through the ribbons. There isn't a right or wrong way to do this you know.

Ten minutes later, you have a tassel! You can make these for all sorts of projects. They are fun and easy and use up all that yarn you have lying around!

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