Halloween cards

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I enjoy spending a leisurely Saturday afternoon creating cards. It's fun to play with inks and stamps and stickers and create personalized greeting cards for friends and family. But, not everyone has an entire afternoon to make personalized cards. Some folks have the desire to make handcrafted cards but would like an easier, faster way to do it.

Let me introduce you to paper pad cut outs.

I like to pick up paper pads versus individual pieces of scrapbook paper. When I purchase paper pads, I always check out the cut outs. Many 12 X 12 paper pads have a page or two of 3 X 4 cutouts and a page or two of 4 X 6 cutouts. Let those be your inspiration!

I start my card crafting journey with card bases. Because I'm using larger cut outs, I decided to use my Recollections 5" X 6.5" card bases and envelopes. I like using premade card bases. It means I can spend time on the crafty part.

I have said before that my October paper pack is the Halloween by Alisha Whitcomb from Echo Park Paper Co . I love the whimsical characters and cut outs. It's a fun Halloween and not so spooky.

I was fortunate that I ended up with six, 4 X 6 cut outs. I picked 4 of them for my Halloween cards.

My first card is super simple. I centered the cut out on the card base. I hot glued buttons at the bottom of one corner and a ribbon at the top of the other corner. I added a gem and called it a day.

The second card was along the same lines. I hot glued buttons at the top and then I pulled a goodie from my embellishment bucket. I hot glued that to the bottom.

I switched it up for the third card. I added a goodie and then buttons at the top and bottom corners! I also added just a peek of lace ribbon along the bottom.

The fourth card is fancy. I added sequins and rings (with the backs cut off) to the card. I also put ribbon on the side, under the cut out.

Like I said, while I enjoy pulling out all the stops and making fancy greeting cards, if I can start with a simple base and embellish it, I'll go that route. Have you looked at paper pads and all of the goodies that you can find inside.

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