Making My October Daily 2017 - The Pages

Hey there!

I'm continuing my series "Making My October Daily". I mentioned that I wanted to show the entire journey for my October Daily in hopes that other folks will get some ideas and maybe decide to make their own October Daily. Some people say that the cover of your October Daily is the fun part because they get hung up on the insides. I've seen some pretty elaborate books that have flips and folds and flaps and tuck spots and journaling corners and tips ins and ... you know, lots of stuff. Don't be scared. The inside pages can be just as fun to make as the rest of the book.

You can go very simple if the idea of inside pages scares you. You can take a page, add some pictures and call it good. You don't have to do anything else to that page. If you want to jazz it up a little bit, layer your picture on scrap paper. If your picture is 4 X 6, take some paper that is 5 X 8 and use it as a border. You can go super jazzy and just add pieces of paper behind that in random order and slap that on a page. It looks more artsy that way!

I have to admit, I like a good pocket. You can add several pictures into a pocket. And, pockets are easy to make. My pages are 8 X 10 so I took a regular piece of paper, cut it at an angle and glued it down to the page. Once the glue was dry, I had a place for a photo or two.

If you want a pocket that is more robust, then you take a few extra steps. I like a gate fold pocket. It's pretty simple and the sizes can be changed to fit the page that you are backing things on.

Let's say you just don't have time to play with paper and make folders. Ok. Grab a bag or an envelope and add it to the page. Insta-pocket! No muss, no fuss but cute as all get out!

So maybe you are stuck on what to put on those pages that you have created. I mean, who takes daily pictures of random things (shyly raises her hand). Well, it doesn't have to be all about the pictures. You can also journal a little bit. Not sure what to journal about? Go to Pinterest and find writing prompts for Halloween, fall or October. These prompts will help you take more pictures or journal more or you can even ink, draw or paint a pictures for your pages!

Or, you can save the sleeve from your coffee cup. Keep the paper menu from that restaurant you went to three times. Find pictures of the October movies you went to or the family fun night movies you watch on the sofa. Take a picture of that yummy cocktail that you made or snip off the price tag from the new pajamas you bought. Your pages are about you and your October. It's what you did, saw, bought, felt, etc.

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