It's A Haul Y'all - The Last of The Halloween Decorations

Hey there!

I don't know why I felt the need to do one last round of Halloween decoration shopping. I felt the need to buy more ribbon and embellies and apparently Michaels supports me in that because they had a fantastic sale.

I really enjoy using the wooden and foam stickers that Michaels creates for each season. I like the small bags because I can normally use most of them up each season. I also tend to go for traditional items like pumpkins, spiders and ghosts. They don't go out of style folks! The sticky on the back of the foam is super strong. I've never used the wooden stickers but it appears to be a dot of sticky. I see glue gun in the wooden sticker's future.

I need washi tape like a need another hole in my head. But, at less than $4 a tube, I had to get these. You get 7 washi and there are usually at least 5 in each tube that I love. These tubes tick all the boxes! I love all the washi.

Ribbon!!!! While crafting this past week, I hit cardboard on 4 of my rolls of ribbon. That is not acceptable. So, I had a very deep desire to get some more ribbon. I picked up 8 rolls from Michaels and the white ribbon with orange jack o'lanterns came from the Dollar Tree. Two of the three 2 1/2" wide ribbons have velvety skulls and the black 2 1/2" wide ribbon has a larger gold skull. Those were bonus ribbons. What I really wanted were the smaller ribbons that I can use for projects. The spiders on khaki ribbon, candy corn on black ribbon, ghosts on black ribbon, black polka dots on orange ribbon and black and orange stripped ribbons are all 5/8" or 3/8" ribbon. You see me do a lot of things with that size ribbon. That might be why I got a little concern when I started to run out.

The momster went with me to Michaels to go 'a shopping. When I picked up this tulle, she said, "How is red a Halloween color?" Oh ma mere! Red is the color of blood shot eyeballs, ghastly red drinks, blood red wine, and red blood. And, you know, it's an accent color! You have to have red in your arsenal! And you can always save them and use them for Christmas or Valentine's day (IF you can save them!).

It's a bucket. I felt like I needed a bucket. Buckets hold things and catch trash. Right now, it's holding my 14 new rolls of washi!

It doesn't seem like a lot really. I just felt like I needed to add some things to my Halloween container. But, that means my container is going to be too full to close. Wonder what I'm going to do about that.


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