October Daily Halloween Beverages

October 31, 2017


Hey there!


Look, we have spent the last month getting our October Daily together. I think we deserve a break. How about we make some beverages, some snacks and pull out the glue and craft leisurely?



I tried 2 ghoulish beverages this month. One was a Midori sour. I like Amaretto sours so of course I'd like this one!


3 oz melon liqueur 

2 oz sour mix

3 oz sparkling mix of your choice (I used sprite)


Well, it was OK. I did discover that I don't like melon liqueur. While it looked ghoulish and fun, I probably wouldn't have it again. I also now have a bottle of melon liqueur that is going to collect dust.



The second drink that I tried was a Pineapple Orange Punch.


1/4 cup orange sherbet

3 oz pineapple orange juice

2 oz pineapple rum

3 oz sparkling mix of your choice (I used sprite)


Wow! Yummy! I enjoyed this one. It was like a refreshing orange sherbet slushy. I will make this one more often. And, I now have Pineapple run in my collection. I feel like I'm going to use this bottle a lot.


So what craft did I do while I was sipping my dranks?



Well, I printed out some pictures for my October Daily. I discovered that it's better when I print them out and let them sit for 2 - 3 days. Yes, 2 - 3 days. I don't have a drying function on my printer and if I want to avoid getting black residue all over my hands, I let my photos dry for a few days.


I also watched YouTube videos. I wanted to be nosey and see what other people did in their October Dailys. It helps me get ideas for my own Daily.


Did you make some refreshing drinks for October? What did you make? Did you like it?


Oh! You want to see my October Daily? Well, come back next week and see what I created!!




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