Dissection Of A Paper Pad

Hey there!

I often mention that I like to see the innards of my paper pads before I purchase them. I like to know what I'm getting for my money and I like to see how much crafting I can get out of them. I thought you might be interested to see what I intend on doing with my most recent paper pad purchase.

The first thing I do when flipping through any paper pad is I say "Ohhhhh, look at the pretty colors!". The colors and patterns within a paper pad are important. I work on all types of projects but if I am working on fall projects, I make sure I have a lot of warm, fall colors in my paper pad. I'm not going to navigate toward brights or pastels in October.

The next question I ask is how many cut apart pages are in this pad. I use cut aparts for card making, sentiments and journaling spots. A paper pad that has several great cut apart pages means I don't have to look for ephemera packs that match the paper pad.

And while on the ephemera train, if your paper pad has many "busy" pages you might have hit the jackpot. I don't like "busy" pages when it comes to scrapbook layouts and paper crafts but I like to use "busy pages" for ephemera pieces.

Take this piece of lovely paper right here. You see a bunch of jumble. I see this...

Most of the paper pads that I purchase have 48 pages. Every now and then you get pads with a few pages more or less. I also prefer single sided sheets of paper, unless I am working on a special project that needs both sides printed on.

This paper pad has 48 single sided sheets of paper (2 of each design) at our disposal. It was a Michael's hot buy paper pad that I got for $4.79. They are normally $19.99 but NO ONE buys them at full price. That's just crazy!

I will make use of every page in this paper pad. I'll make scrapbook layouts, project life pages, inserts for my planners, greeting cards, and several other crafts. Make no mistake, I will use as much of this paper pad up and I can.

Do you purchase paper pads? What do you use yours for?

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