Holiday Recipe Album

Hey there!

All of the women (and many of them men) in my family are cooks. And bakers. They love to bake too. This time of year is the BEST time because the ladies bring out their A game and cook to their heart's content.

And I eat to my stomach's content.

I decided that it might be advantageous to write some of these recipes down. I mean if I want to make sweet potato pie, I can always Google a recipe but it's not my MOM's recipe.

So this year I'm giving each of the lovely ladies in my life a mini recipe book. Nothing big, nothing that holds a ton of recipes, just maybe their top 20, with notes. They can write all of the steps and tricks and then have it handy when they need it (or when I come over and "borrow" it).

I got this idea from lyriclover810 on YouTube. Man, if you haven't watched her videos you need to. Just as soon as you finish this blog post, go check out a video or two (or spend all day watching them like I did!). She made recipe books for craft fair sales and I thought they would make GREAT Christmas gifts for my folks that love to cook.

I also thought these would make nice gifts for folks that don't bake or cook quite as much. You can write down recipes and notes for those folks and then present the recipe book to them. That would make it super simple for them to handle some of the cooking duties the next year!

These books are so simple to make. I found these 4 3/8" X 6 1/4" albums at Dollar Tree. You can also find them at Walmart or Target for about a dollar, no more than two.

The nice thing is that the only thing you have to remove from the album is the front and back covers. Then you cut down pieces of scrapbook paper to replace them. I used some of the pretty holiday paper that I have in my stash.

I pulled recipe cut outs from the internet. I knew that I could mix and match if I was just giving them to my friends and family. One of my favorite recipe cut outs is from Jessica Rose at the Volume Twenty Five Blog. Make sure you go give her blog some love!! She has some really cute things in her shop and some great blog posts.

Once I slipped all of the recipe cards and note pages into the photo album, I added some red ribbon on the spine with a nice bow. I thought it would give a cute touch to the book.

And tada! You have some really nice Christmas gifts for your friends and family! You can make one of these in half an hour. Go try it and let me know how yours turned out!

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