Slice of Pie Thanksgiving Card

Hey there!

Mmmmmm, pie!

Who doesn't like a slice of pie? If you are like me, you have already called your folks and requested a special pie for the holidays. As a thank you to that person (and anyone that likes pie!) make them a slice of pie Thanksgiving card.

I purchased warm, spicy paper from Michaels and the colors within this pack were perfect for making pie slices. I pulled out a piece of orange paper from the pack and a piece of manila cardstock.

I created a triangle "slice of pie" template, folded my orange paper in half and added my triangle to the top of the fold. You want one piece of paper so make sure that your template is on the fold of the paper and not the open flaps.

I traced my slice of pie and used my Fiskars cutter to cut an even slice (which never happens with real pie). You can adjust your size to be more pie-like for you. This big ole slice is what I'd cut for myself, just sayin!

I don't have a lot of Thanksgiving sentiments but I pulled out one of my faves from Lawn Fawn and stamped the inside of my card before "dressing" my pie. If you don't have stamps, use stickers or write a sentiment to your loved one. You can't go wrong. You're writing your thank you on a slice of pie!

You want to make your pie look real, so you need a pie crust. In real life, I prefer a more browned crust but for this project I used manila cardstock, cut at 3/4" pieces, to create my crust. I fan folded my piece but you can use your scorboard to make this task easier if you have one.

To add your crust to your slice of pie, add some adhesive to the top. I like double duty so I added tape adhesive and a line of glue. I carefully added the crust, lightly pressed it in place and then let it dry. Once it dries (overnight preferably), you can snip your crust into shape.

I added a wadded piece of tissue paper to the top for whipped cream.

Isn't that just the cutest thing ever?! You have to love it! I created a slice of sweet potato/pumpkin pie but you can make any pie that you want! Apple, pecan, lemon meringue, key lime, just pick the colors of your favorite pie!

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