DIY Holiday Hot Chocolate Mug

Hey there!

This weekend I created business gift boxes with a warm cocoa theme. I thought that I’d keep the momentum going by creating cocoa mug gifts.

These mugs are perfect for friends, family, coworkers, teachers, mail carriers, anyone you can think of! They are easy to customize and quick to make. You can go super fancy with European chocolates, peppermint spoons and specialty cookies or you can go simple and wallet friendly with yummies that you find at Target, Walmart or even your local Dollar Tree.

I went wallet friendly and stopped by my local Dollar Tree. I know that people sometimes think you can only find cheap, not so tasty food at Dollar Tree. That isn’t true my friends. You can find name brand foods there. I picked up this 3 oz bag of Old Dominion S’mores Crunch, a Lindt Caramel Milk Chocolate bar and a bag of Lifesavers Holiday Hard Candies. I could have picked up a mug from the store too because they had a ton of really festive mugs but I already had the perfect red mug for this post.

I used packs of hot chocolate from my grocery store. You can get fancier but I wanted to show you that you don’t have to have fancy cocoa. For instance, I used Private Selection hot chocolate and Fluffs packs of mini marshmallows but you can also use boxed hot chocolate packets and mini marshmallows that you put in a baggie.

Decor on the inside the mug is pretty easy too. I bought a few sprigs of holiday floral, a 12 pack of mini bows, candy canes and ribbon from Dollar Tree. I didn’t do anything super fancy. I just popped things in the mug.

The candies were used as filler. I used the Lifesavers Holiday Hard Candies and some assorted Lindt chocolate truffles. Take a page out of my book and instead of worrying about filler or tissue paper, use edible filler! The receiver will appreciate it!

I put my candy right in the mug but if you’d like to be a bit more festive, you can use loot or treat bags. I found these cute bags but decided that I didn’t need them at the last minute.

The bag that I did want was a gift basket bag to wrap the mug in. You can find small gift basket bags just about anywhere. I know that they have really cute holiday ones but I wanted to use this clear one so that the goodies inside could be seen. I tied the bag together using ribbon and added one of the mini bows on the top.

This is a fun gift that your receiver will nibble on for days (or eat it in one sitting…#judgementfreezone). They will watch tv or sit at their desk and sip hot chocolate. When they finish nibbling, they’ll reuse the mug and think of you each and every time! Those are the types of gifts I like to give and receive!

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