Making Mini Holiday Cards With Leftover Paper Scraps

Hey there,

I am still making embellishments for my December embellishment bucket. If you are new to our lovely blog, I’ll direct you to our October blog post where we talk about it. What I’m currently making are mini cards.

A mini card is really a great way to use up my scrap pieces of paper. They can be used as gift tags or cards to go with smaller gifts or if you are working on a project, you can add them to it.

Why would you make a mini card? One, to use up your scraps. Two, if you are like me, you’ve made quite a few presents and once you package them up (and put the handmade sentiment card inside the gift bag) how to you know which package belongs to whom? My mom use to have different colored wrapping paper for each kid. I don’t have that many different cover bags so I just pop a mini card on the front with the name of the person that I am giving my gift to.

The first two mini cards that I made are gift tags. I just just took small squares of leftover paper and added stickers and a sentiment stamp. I used my hole punch and punched a hole at the top corner so that I could add some twine. I can add that to gift or gift bag.

My second two cards were made with washi tape and gems along with stickers and sentiment stamps. You can use cutouts from the leftover paper or ribbon pieces or anything that you think will match the card.

I also added envelopes! I have the We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board and I add envelopes to anything that I can. I pulled out 5 ½” squares, used the directions on the punch board and made envelopes for my mini cards. Just as cute as I think it is, the receiver of the card will think it’s just as cute!!

You don’t have to save your mini cards for gifts. Maybe you just want to leave a little word of encouragement to a friend or say thanks for something. If you made extra mini cards, you can just write a little sentiment inside and leave it on someone’s desk or hand it to them with a gift card or some candy.

Make sure you don’t just throw away all of your scrap paper. Make some mini cards with them!

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