Wooden Craft Stick Crafts

Hey there!

It’s almost time for the kiddos to spend 2 or more weeks at home with you! Do you have enough crafts to keep them busy? Or you might have some time off from work and want some crafts for your own bad self. Well, keep reading to add one simple craft to your list.

I have a lot of wooden craft sticks. You know how you buy a pack of sticks, use 4 of them and then have an entire pack just sitting in your craft area? I have a bag of 150 craft sticks! Well, this craft will help solve that problem. I made a Christmas tree. You can make just one or you can make several.

Green paint. You must have green acrylic paint in your stash. I used 2 coats on my wooden craft sticks. One would have been ok except the craft sticks eat paint.

I cut a piece of the third craft stick and hot glued them into a triangle. That’s your tree! If you are crafting with little ones, just use regular glue. Protect those the little fingers! I also added a piece of brown paper at the bottom as a Christmas tree stand.

I keep gems of all types in my stash. I pulled them all out as decorations for my Christmas tree. If you don’t have gems, you can use pom poms, buttons, sequins or even small pieces of colorful paper.

I added different sizes and types of gems just like I use different types of bulbs on my Christmas tree (s - yes). For the topper, I pulled a snowflake stickers from one of my sticker sheets. You can cut a star or use a star sticker or use another gem, pom pom, button or sequin.

While you have your wooden craft sticks out, go ahead and paint 4 sticks white, load them up with glitter and hot glue them together to make a snowflake!

Yep, head over to Pinterest and see what else you can do with wooden craft sticks. Cause, well, the kids are out for TWO weeks!!!

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