8 Days of Christmas 2017 - Day 1

Hey there,

It’s day 1 of the 8 days of Christmas! Not sure what that is? Check out this post!

For the first day of Christmas, I am starting with my pet lovers, specifically dog lovers. A lot of my friends have furry friends so when I see pet gifts I often think of them. So, if you know pet lovers, feel free to give them goodies that their fur babies can use or pet themed items for themselves. Just remember, people that have fur babies usually LOVE their fur babies.

I always start with mugs. People always need something to drink out of and if they have a mug with their pet on it or a saying about pets, welllllll, that’s just a more perfect gift isn’t it?!

After the mug you can go with a treat, maybe one for them and one for their pet. There are so many types of pet treats you have your pick of them. Human treats can be chocolates with their dog breed on them, cookies with a picture of a cat, that sort of thing.

After that, I just free for all. I pick up things with animals -- candles, calendars, magnets, socks, clothing, whatever I see that works with that person.

Looking at the lot that I have here, I spent $15 on just a few things. I purchased a bag that can be used to carry groceries or other purchases. I also purchased a doggy treat container, a puppy mug, a cute mini calendar, a magnet and some treats. You can add more or less and still make a great gift. If you want to go very simple, just go with the mug, candy cane and some chocolate. Or go with the calendar and some chocolate. It’s just that easy.

Don’t like that idea? One of my friends and her fur baby subscribe to BarkBox (NOT sponsored. I don’t even have a dog!). BarkBox offers discounts each month if you are looking to start a monthly subscription. Or, if you are looking for just a one time deal, you can pay $35 and send your friend and their pooch a cute gift.

You can also go with a gift card to Petsmart or one of those stores. That is always appreciated. As with all gifts, just think about what you’ve seen the person with and go with that!

Still need more gift ideas? Great! Come back for Day 2 of the 8 Days of Christmas!!

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