8 Days Of Christmas 2017 - Day 2

Hey there!

You know, there are people that bake and love it and then there are people that love to eat other people’s baking. Today’s gift is probably for the people that love to eat other people’s baking. Or folks that like baking but perhaps don’t do it often. Or, people that like cookies and brownies right now and don't have all of the ingredients on hand. Today’s gift is a baking bowl.

This is a gift for someone that you know a little better than just your average person. You wouldn’t give this to the mail carrier unless you KNEW that they liked baked goods and would possibly make their own.

You can go easy and just do a pouch or two of cookie mix, a holiday oven mitt, some recipe cards and a cookie cutter. Yes, I recognize that the cookie pouches that I chose don’t need a cookie cutter but you know what look I’m going for. It’s just enough for that person that likes cookies. These pouches are easy to use!

And for the person that you know likes cookies but doesn’t have any of the accoutrements? Go all out and add a batter bowl or mixing bowl, a whisk, measuring cups and measuring spoons. You can find the basics at Dollar Tree or Target or Walmart.

If you are looking for even more additions, add some special vanilla (a good bourbon vanilla or a homemade one), wooden spoons, maybe some cookie sprinkles. What would you want on your cookies? The person that you are giving your gift to would probably like that too. Stop by T.J. Maxx, Marshalls or Home Goods. I always find fancy things there.

And, you can put anything into a baking bowl. Walk down the baking aisle of your grocery store. If you have a gourmet food store near you, stop inside. People love getting nice things that they wouldn’t buy for themselves.

Not the gift you were looking for? Don’t worry! The next blog post will have another great gift idea! Come on back!

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