8 Days Of Christmas 2017 - Day 5

Hey there!

While we are getting our gift giving on, let’s not forget about the kiddos. I try to keep gifts on hand for kids. In my opinion, gifts for kiddos are the easiest ones.

When it comes to kids, activities are the name of the game. Younger folks like activities and things to keep them busy. I like coloring books, activity books and puzzles. Younger kids (and big kids!) like activities that take up some time. You can, of course, add some crayons and coloring pencils. I also added watercolor paints for kiddos that are a little bit older.

Glitter glue, scissors, stickers and different types of plain paper is nice. No joke, I played with this silver glitter glue and if I was that excited about it, I know that a craft loving kiddo will like it too. The paper was fantastic find at Dollar Tree and the scissors are middle age scissors from Target that I use all the time.

Snacks. You cannot make a crafty gift pack without having some yummies for craft time. I like to nibble when I am coloring or putting puzzles together. Both activities make time go by quickly so you want to keep your energy levels up! You can get snacks from everywhere. The grocery store even has snacks that are yummy. For younger kiddos, go with the tried and true. For older kiddos, try something different - maybe fancy cookies or chocolates (and of course add something that they also know).

I purchased a green craft caddie to put all of my activities (and yummies) in. I like being able to take my activities to the kitchen table or the sofa or my bed with just one hand. But, if you don’t want to look for a craft caddie, use a cute holiday bag and toss everything inside. Add some candy canes and you have a party!

So we’ve looked at 5 possible gifts for the holidays. If these gifts aren’t doing the most for you, well come back tomorrow and see what else we have in store!

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