Title: 8 Days Of Christmas 2017 - Day 4

Hey there!

One of my favorite gifts to package up and give to friends and family is a spa set. One thing about me and most of my friends is that we give to everyone else and then run out of steam when it comes to giving to ourselves. Spa sets allow folks to take a second for themselves. And, surprisingly, it doesn’t have to cost a ton.

Let’s start with a very basic set. If you have several gifts to give or you are watching your pennies, this is a fantastic way to mix and match some items. In this gift set, I picked up a nice smelling candle with a nice saying, a packet of hard candies and chocolate, some delicious teas and a candy candy. The entire set is about $2.50 for everything. I bought bags of hard candy, chocolates and candy canes. I also bought boxes of tea. When you break that up amongst the spa bags you aren’t spending much. You can add extra candies or teas if you’d like.

If you have fewer folks or a few more dollars, add an eye mask, some socks and a face mask. Eye masks and face masks seem so endulgent! Honestly though, they are a luxury we need in the quest to relax. Almost all of these items came from Dollar Tree so I only spent $4 and then perhaps $.50 on the tea.

Ballin’ and shot callin’? Then add a few extras. I found a face brush and shower puff at Dollar Tree. I picked up some shower gel from Walmart (I actually got a 4 pack of this one for $10. You can break them up or give the whole set). I added some specialty cookies because when you are relaxing, you need a nice cookie. This spa basket cost me $13 and when you put it in a cute box it’s $15.

The same rule applies for spa gifts as has applied to all of my gifts. You can make your gift small or big and you can still make it very luxurious. People enjoy getting gifts that they can use for themselves. When you are putting together spa gifts, just add things that they like. A pack of cookies or their favorite cocoa can be a spa gift. Whatever makes them feel good.

And there you have it! Gifts for friends and family. What? You still have gifts that you need to give? Fine, come on back for the next post and we will find some other gifts for you to give.

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