8 Days Of Christmas 2017 - Day 6

Hey there!

Sometimes the best gifts are the easiest gifts. I am that person that enjoys gifts that I can genuinely use. Sometime you can figure out great gifts by looking at the hobbies that a person has. I know a lot of people that are in bookclubs (I’m in two of them!). Do you have a Bibliophile on your list? Then go with books. You aren’t going to go wrong with books.

Romance, nonfiction, cookbooks, historical, coffee table or crafting books - the type doesn’t matter. The only thing you need to do is make sure it fits the person. I have some fashionistas in my life so a beautiful book on the history of fashion would be great. If you have a kitchenista, then some cool cookbooks would work. Do you know that your friend enjoys following (stalking) a certain star? Has that star written a biography? That’s the perfect gift!

And where do you go to get books? Well big box book stores are an idea but why don’t you also check out your local bookstore? Google your local bookstores and pay them a visit.

If you are a regular at Dollar Tree then you know that you can find some pretty great books at the dollar store. I know that you might not have thought about that but don’t sleep on the reads from Dollar Tree. I’ve also found great book finds at other dollar stores. I was surprised to find my favorite romance author at Family Dollar! You can also find discounted books at the big box stores. I pickup books all year so I’m ready at the holidays.

And, don’t just give the books. Add some goodies to the book gift basket as well. You know I love my cocoa mugs. When you are reading your book, you need to have a little something to sip on! A good book takes you away. You can also set the reading mood with a fresh fragrance. I love candles and a decorative candle is just the way to go.

If you want to go a bit higher end, just google book candles you will see some really cute gifts. You can also diy one and just wrap some book paper around a flameless candle (NOT a real one. That’s a fire hazard). Look for some book pens, pencils, journals or socks. Yes, socks. Again, a quick google search will show you a bevy of ideas.

So, if you have a friend that loved to read, put together a book gift basket (or bag) for them. They will appreciate it. If that doesn’t appeal to you, come on back tomorrow and see what other gift ideas we have during our 8 Days of Christmas!

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