8 Days Of Christmas 2017 - Day 7

Hey there!

The gifts in Day 7 of gift giving just happen to be one of my favorite gifts this year. I’ve watched several review videos on them. I’ve been learning all about smell goods. Several coworkers gave me one or two and I purchased many of them for myself. Don’t hesitate to give seasonal candles.

I’ve loved making sure my living space smelled good since I was making sure my bedroom smelled good as a a teen. Back then it was non burnable or meltable fragrances. Those items have graduated into candles and wax melts in fancy holders and using beautiful burners. If you have a friend that has a tendency to smell good themselves, candles just might be the thing for them.

You can pick some smaller jar candles or go for a larger candle. Smell several containers and see what smells warm and cinnamon like or crisp and wintery or buttery with notes of vanilla. General rule of thumb, if you like it, they probably will too. I own higher end jars that go for $15 - $25 a jar all the way to mini containers that cost me $.50. Don’t look at the price (you know what I mean). Take a big sniff and go with the best sniff.

If you are picking votive smell goods, add a pretty container. Dollar Tree has pretty candle holders so don’t think you have to spend a lot. The holders that you see on either end are $1 holders. The cute red one in the center? I picked that up at the thrift store for $.59. Yep. But, if you want to swing into the big box stores, you can also find very pretty candle holders.

And, I am the queen of adding special touches. Add some matches or candle lighters. I saw some fancy longer matches in a cute bottle. I also thought these specialty curved lighters were nice. I’ve seen candle snuffers, wick cutters and fancy candle things like that. If you know you have a candle aficionado, go ahead and go big!

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