My Word for 2018

Hey there!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Leading up to Christmas day, I spent a lot of time making gifts for folks. I posted some of them in the past few blog posts. I love making gifts that are personalized for loved ones. Tuesday I just wanted to relax, spend time with my out of town family before they headed home and took a little bit time for some self care.

I also spent time reflecting on my word for 2018.

What do I mean by word for 2018? Well, I got the idea from Ali Edwards several years ago. Since then, I have created a word each year that will direct the focus of my year. In the past, I have had words like “memories” and “family” and “change” as my words for the upcoming year. Just seeing those words reminded me to stay focused on what matters.

What is my word for 2018? Intentional. Why Intentional? Because I want each blog post, each video, each IG or Twitter upload to be Intentional. I want them to mean something to me and therefore exude meaning to you.

Oh, I have meant all of my blog posts and videos. What I mean is I want to map out my posts and videos more. When I pre plan a month and stick to that plan, I feel so much better. When I get a wild hair and add a post or remove more than just one post from the plan, it screws the entire month up. So, I’m going to stop getting intrigued by the glitter and stay on the road.

Have you thought about your word for 2018? I linked Ali Edwards’ post on One Little Word. She talks about the reason behind One Little Word and what having a word for your year can do for you mentally. Take a peek at her post and think about what your word should be.

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