Happy New Year! DIY Glitter Letter Banner

Hey there!

I try to do a low key New Years celebration. There are crazies out on the road and if I can party in my own home (in my pajamas), all the better. This year the kiddo and I are going to toast the New Year, sip some sparkling juice and go to sleep.

Even though we’re going to stay home, I still like to be festive. So, as I take down my Christmas lights I’m going to string up a banner… cause you know I like a good banner. This year I decided to make a sparkling chenille stick letters to add to my banner.

I picked up my chenille sticks from JoAnns for $2.47. Yep, you should wait for a sale. I used a coupon. I own some holiday glitter sticks but I knew that I wouldn’t have enough.

I wrote our the phrase HAPPY NEW YEAR so that I could see the strokes that I needed to create with the chenille sticks. I wanted my letters to be about 10” long and it took some time (maybe 15 minutes) but I wanted to make my best letters.

I had some leftover parachute line that I strung up and hung my letters on. You see the extra space at the top of each letter? I just wrapped the top over my line. Because it’s just wrapped over the parachute line, I can reuse the line and the letters later.

If you have some chenille sticks (they don’t have to be glittery) you should definitely try this! It’s fun and something you can do with the kiddos. It’s also an activity that you can do leading up to the New Year.

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