Am I Normal? Christmas Craft Storage Idea

Hey there!

Can we just talk about the fact that I had to purchase a LARGER container to put away my Christmas crafting supplies? I already had 2 containers and I came to the conclusion that I just need to purchase a larger tub cause I keep buying more stuff!

Well, Christmas stuff goes on sale like the day before Thanksgiving so it’s really easy to buy tons of holiday decor. I use up quite a bit but the day after Christmas I am right back in the thick of shopping getting 70% off stuff for next year. That’s smart! But yes, it does mean I have more things to put away.

Now, don’t get it twisted! My Christmas paper pads are not in the larger tube. They have a crate where they reside with my Thanksgiving and October paper pads. What I need is a new home for is my sticker collection, ribbons, stamps, die cuts and cupcake liners. You know, all the holiday goodies.

I mentioned back in October that I use a colored shoe box and all of my Halloween goodies at safe and sound. I CAN NOT fit all of my Christmas goodies in a colored shoe box.

I considered getting red shoe boxes (maybe 2 or so) but then I went to “The Walmart” and saw these 12 qt bins and I knew that my problems had been solved. I could fit everything inside and only had to put away (and then pull out next year) 1 container. Genius.

So this is the Christmas craftiness that is about to go away for 10 months. It will go up in my closet and I’ll pull it back down at the end of October.

Where are you storing your crafts? Do you have so much that you need two containers?

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