A Cup Of Cocoa

Hey there!

It’s cold on the east coast. Some of us are snowed in with the kiddos (not me, not yet…). I am disguising this as an idea that you can do with your kids. In reality, I saw it on Pinterest and I wanted to do it all by own bad self.

This is a craft that doesn’t call for much. You need wooden craft sticks, glue and your imagination. I have lots of those things!

I chose to paint my wooden craft sticks light blue and red. If you don’t want to paint your sticks, you can buy them already painted. I found some at Dollar Tree. Other craft stores have them as well.

The paint that I used was cheapy paint that I found at Walmart and Michaels. Both were under a dollar. Both brands, Craftsmart and FolkArt, are great and come in so many colors you are bound to find the one you want.

Before I painted my sticks, I glued them together. I’ve found that it’s easier to paint after your sticks are glued. I used hot glue so that I could move quickly through the steps. If you have more time, a glue that works on wood is fine.

I took 2 sticks and placed them horizontally. Then I took 9 sticks and placed them over the 2 horizontal sticks. You could go with a taller mug and only use 7 sticks.

I added a handle by cutting out blue and red paper. I just drew them freehand (as you can clearly see!) and glued them onto the horizontal portion of the mug.

I added a marshmallow topping by using white pom poms. I just happened to have some on hand but if you don’t, you can feel free to use cotton balls! Don’t have cotton balls handy? Cut out puffy shaped pieces of paper and it works just as well.

I have some Elmers silver glitter glue that I am IN LOVE WITH so I used it to add a bit of sparkle to my mugs. If you have stickers you can use those. Or, add a different color paint -- maybe add someone’s name to the mug.

While I was free handing stuff, I drew some swirls and fussy cut them with my scissors. I then attached them to the top of the cup for the look of heat. You, of course do not have to do this but I thought it was so cute!

I had fun making my cocoa mug. You can forgo the “marshmallows” and draw a semi circle and paint it brown for the look of hot chocolate. Really fancy? Make a paper peppermint stick! Instead of paint, you can cover your wooden sticks with paper or fabric. If you decide to use paper, just take the two horizontal sticks and glue the paper to them -- save yourself some wood sticks!

Depending on how cold it is where you are, you have time to make a whole mug set. Go crazy and make as many as you can!

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