It’s A Haul Y’All! - First Dollar Tree Haul of 2018

Hey there!

I guess I blacked out in Dollar Tree because I ended up with all of this Valentines stuff. That’s how it happened, right?

Ok, honestly, I knew I was putting stuff in my basket. I also know the Dollar Tree golden rule — You better get it when you see it ‘cause it might not be there when you come back. I have gotten caught too many times thinking I’d grab something the next time only to find it all sold out. Nope. I grab stuff when I see it. I can’t say that there was anything fantastically amazing but Valentines items are so freaking cute! I always see a few new pieces that I have to add to my stash.

I don’t wrap very well so gift bags are my go to. Dollar Tree had soooo many cute Valentines bags. I picked up three 2 pack bags and a 10 pack of red bags. I actually picked up 2 of the red paper bags and put one in my Christmas stash.

Anyone in the crafting community understands what I mean when I say that I don’t have to EVER buy another sticker and I’ll still have too many. But, I bought some more stickers! I replenished the glitter foam stickers from last year because I love them. They went on so many crafts. I grabbed them as soon as I saw them (and I’d buy more!).

Candy! You must pick up candy. You add them to crafty mail. You can make them apart of the design. Heck, you can eat it as you craft!

Every holiday gets a new coffee mug in my house. Dollar Tree has some great mugs every year. I picked up two for my house and a glass vase for my pretty flowers. I didn’t see any flowers the day that I went but they’ll show up.

I love these styrofoam hearts. They are light and you can hang them anywhere. You can use them to attach to crafts and they are so pretty.

I saw these Valentine’s mailboxes and had to snatch one up. I saw them last year but I decided to make my own. This year I wanted one if for no other reason but for decoration. It’s cute and inexpensive and I can hide my candy inside.

I also picked up two cards. I plan on using them in my planner layouts for February.

I don’t often fall in love with the candles from the Dollar Tree but this one smelled nice and I liked the container. I’ll burn it for ambiance and then use the container to hold goodies. I picked up the felt hearts for a banner diy.

There were a few things that I didn’t pick up from Dollar Tree but I took some pics in case something catches your eye. You should definitely check out your local Dollar Tree and see what you can find!

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