Planner Peace ... again? My New May Designs for Blue Sky Planner

Hey there!

Don’t look at me like that! I can totally explain why you see this new 2018 Planner. It’s not what you think!

I’ve started working on some freelance projects and I needed a dedicated planner for those items. While I love my Happy Planner and my Petals + Bloom Planner, they are super cute planners that just aren’t what I need for that particular environment.

I’ll admit that I spent waaaaay too long in Target looking at planners before deciding on this Travelers Notebook style planner by Blue Sky. I picked up the planner folio itself for $19.99 and the Notes and Gratitude folders for $6.99 each. The outside of the folio is pink, black and grey marble. The inside is pretty basic, which is what I wanted.

The 2018 calendar is broken up into 2 parts, January - June & July - Decemeber. You can take one portion out and just work with the first half of the year. I like that because once July hits, I can slip out the first half of the year.

I also picked up journals so that I can have a space to write notes. I am a BIG note taker. I like the fact that I can fill up a notebook, remove it (save it) and add a new one in its place.

I can also put up to 4 journals in the planner comfortably (I only have 3 in the picture). The elastic bands inside keeps all of the individual journals in place and the outside elastic band keeps the entire planner in place.

The bonus is that there are pockets in the front and back and a pen loop on the back. I’m not sure that I’ll add a ton of stuff in the pockets but I like the fact that there is a pen loop.

I like that this is a smaller size (8 ½” X 5 ½”). It fits nicely in my tote bag and you don’t have a large bundle to open and try to write in. And, the esthetic is perfect for all business, but with some femininity. I plan on giving this planner a really good go and I’ll come back and tell you guys what I think.

What about you good folks? Are you happy with just one planner or are you like me and currently sporting three or more planners?

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