Valentine's Photo Brag Book

Hey there!

This past year I discovered a new use for the cheap photo books that we all see in the big box stores. I was able to turn those dollar books into brag books using my paper pads and embellishments. I love the fact that I can decorate these books with paper from my paper pads and slide pictures and memorabilia inside for each holiday or event happening in my life. I bought a ton of these brag books from the Dollar Tree and I decided to make some Valentine’s Brag Books with them.

The main purpose for these Valentine’s Brag Books is so that I can just pop in my February pictures and journaling and not have to worry about investing too much time. One of the reasons that I don’t print out pictures and scrapbook as much as I use to is that I just don’t have the time. The nice thing now is that I can cut out some 4 1/4” X 6” pages, pop them into the book, decorate a few of the pages and leave the others blank for pictures and journaling and I’m ready for fast scrapbooking!

The first thing that I did for my book was change the front & back covers with pretty Valentine’s paper. I kept the covers pretty simple because I wanted the extras to be on the inside.

In the inside some of the pages are fully decorated and some are just blank pages. The blank pages can be the mattes for photos or tickets or things that someone would want to keep. The other pages have prompts for journaling or photos.

None of the pages are glued in so if I wanted to change them around I could. Maybe I have two pictures that I want next to each other so I can arrange the pages for that. Or, maybe I have extra journaling so I can shift accordingly.

Cutting my papers for the pages took minutes. I had so much fun deciding what matte went where and which stickers to use, the other 30 minutes flew by!

If you are interested in making one for yourself, I say go for it! Pick up a photo book and get to cutting paper. You will love adding your pictures to it.

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