Organization - Jot Brand Bill Organizer from Dollar Tree

Hey there!

Before we get too deep into the year, I wanted to show you what I am using to keep my receipts in order. I don’t normally get too deep into the woods about organization but if I find something that seems to be working and I think that it might help other DIYers, then I share.

Because I have a business, I do keep ALL of my receipts. But, you might want to keep receipts for some other reason. If you do need to keep receipts, I say run, do not walk, run to Dollar Tree and pick up this Jot brand Bill Organizer.

It’s divided into months. That’s not new. That’s not exciting. What it is exciting is that there are pockets and note areas for each month. AND, all of that for one dollar!

I rarely write notes on my receipts but given the space, I can write down specifics on larger items or special receipts. And, having them classified by months means that I can process documents quarterly if I need to or if I need to make a return or bill an item back to a client, I can find the receipt easily.

This monthly organizer might not be a new thing for some but it has completely changed my receipt organization. If you think it might work for you, go grab one!!

p.s., I bought this with my own money and wasn’t paid for any type of review.

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