Valentine's Stuffed Envelope Friend Mail

Hey there!

I love sending out friend mail. I know that I enjoy getting sweet surprises in the mail so I enjoy sending out surprises to unsuspecting friends. One of my 2018 goals was to send out more friend mail. I said that it didn’t have to be something grandiose, just a little something to let folks know that I’ve been thinking about them. So, let me show you the latest friend mail that I have created.

Because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I thought it appropriate to create a Valentine’s envelope stuffed with goodies. This particular friend doesn’t send out pen pal letters or friend mail but I know that she likes cute items so I made sure that everything had the appropriate amount of Valentine’s love to it.

I used a full sized 12” X 12” piece of paper for my envelope. I scored the center so that the inside of my envelope was 6” X 6” and then adjusted the sides for pockets and the top and bottom for closures.

While I used ribbon to close the front of the envelope, I decided to add a hinge fastener using an arrow cut out and a foam heart on the inside. Double closure -- you can’t be too safe!

I made pockets for the left and right sides of the envelopes. In one pocket I put some stickers that she might like. I know that not everyone sends out cutsie stickers but I know that she works with children a lot so she will definitely find a use for the stickers. In the other pocket I added tags. They can be used as gifts tags or bookmarks or even decoration.

The center pocket has a decorative paper clip, a note and some glitter mix. You know I like glitter mix! Well this friend likes to sparkle too! She will love it.

I always try to make sure that my friend mail suits the person that is getting it. That’s why Valentine’s friend mail is always so much fun to send. The receiver isn’t expecting it but they will enjoy all of the love that you are showing them.

So what do you think? Are you ready to send some friend mail? Oh, does this seem a bit much for you? You don’t have these items at home? Don’t worry! Come back Tuesday and we’ll make some friend mail together! Just make sure you grab a friend’s address so that we can send it out afterwards!

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