Finding DIY Projects at Your Local Thrift Store

January 25, 2018


Hey there!


I spend a lot of time in my local thrift stores. Several folks have asked me what it is that I pick up from those stores and what do I do with the items that I pick up. I thought today I’d tell you how I shop, what I’ve picked up and what I do or plan to do with the items.


I have 2 Goodwill stores near me so those are the two stores that I go to the most. But, I also visit Park Avenue Thrift, The Salvation Army and some smaller thrift stores near me. I visit them all a few times a month because you never know what you are going to find and when you find it, you better get it then.



When I walk in to my local thrift store, I head for housewares. There have been times when I didn’t have any fresh ideas for DIYs and just walking through housewares gave me several ideas.



I never miss glassware, dishes and mugs. Crystal can be expensive and you can find some cheap crystal stemware for a dollar or two.



When I have a project that involves decorating a mug or basket, I use these instead of purchasing new, more expensive items. You don’t know how many time I have found brand new mugs and baskets in boxes or plastic wrap!



Giving bedazzled picture frames is a fun gift. Swing past the picture frames and art area and think outside the box. All you have to do is clean them up and a $2 picture frame can become a really nice gift for someone or a nice decorative piece for your home.



I have found scrapbook albums, notebooks, clipboards and notecards for little of nothing. The last few scrapbooks that I filled were ones that I found, still in the original plastic, at the thrift store for $2!  They run $10 - $19 in the scrapbook stores!



You see that 2015? That is my kiddo’s graduation year. I plan on adding some pictures from graduation and a tassel in her school colors. It cost me $2.52 instead of $20 or more.



If I am creating a memory keeping gift for a friend I can start with something from the thrift store, add some fresh paper in colors that they like and a place for pictures and journal spots.



Do you see these note cards? They are brand new and less than a dollar! Do you know how many projects that you can use these for?! I spent $1.98 on $10 worth of cardstock. Perfect!



And ribbon! I picked up a bag of ribbon for $6.46 on green half price day so it was $3.23. For that price I picked up 13 spools of ribbon. You might look at that and say some of them are half full. True, but 8 of them are very close to full. You do that math and you get free ribbon!!



A trip to your local thrift store can be a cornucopia of diy project ideas. All you have to do is go in with an open mind. Some days I walk out with nothing other than extra steps toward my daily count. Other days I walk out with 7 projects in my head and a $5 bakers rack that may or may not fit into the trunk of my car.


Spoiler alert, it fit but within an inch of the legs!


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