Making Clothes Pin Valentines Clips

Hey there!

I mentioned earlier in the week that I had made some clothes pin clips for my Valentines projects. I thought that I’d tell you how I do it.

For my clothes pin clips I use everything I have at my disposal. For these I used clothes pins (of course), pink paint, gemstones, washi tape, foam hearts and yes, nail polish.

I’ve told you many times that the fifty cent paint from Walmart is great. I have so many colors because they do. Before you purchase paint, shake it really well and take the top off of the paint and peek inside. Make sure it’s not too thick and smells like paint, not sour.

I used two coats of paint on my clothes pins. If you are using a darker color then you may only need 1 coat.

After the paint dried I added 2 coats of silver glitter nail polish on the bottom of my light pink clip. I find that sometimes nail polish gives the best glitter factor. If you have glitter polish that you don’t use, add it to some of your projects.

When I use washi tape, I add some glue so that the washi tape adheres well. If you are using washi tape, you don’t have to paint your clothes pin. Maybe you are creating this with your kiddos. Forgo the paint and use the tape instead.

I used gemstones and glittery foam stickers to decorate the pins. You can find foam stickers at any dollar store or big box store. They don’t have to be expensive and if you are concerned about them sticking, you can add a dot of glue for extra security.

Clothes pin clips can be used for everything! I’ve been adding mine to my planner as well as almost all of my Valentines projects. Wouldn’t your kiddos love to make them and give them to their friends? Their teachers would think they were precious! All of my friends are getting some.

Are you making this easy craft? Who are you giving them to?

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