Valentine Albums

Hey there!

I love making cards and I’ve begun making a new type of card that I found watching YouTube videos. Instead of making flat Valentine cards, I’ve been making Valentine albums.

The nice thing about a Valentine album is that you can add 3D elements and not worry about the cards being too bulky. You can also add a photo spot or two. And these cards are very fun to embellish.

I used paper pads from Michaels and Hobby Lobby to craft my Valentine albums. The reason I went to these two stores is because their paper lines weren’t just lovey - dovey. They also had galentine and friendship paper and ephemera. I have a lot of female friends that I like to make cards for that like the galentine theme.

For these 5 ⅛ ” X 5 ¼” cards, I used an 8” X 11” piece of paper, cut it down to 5 ½” X 11” and scored it in the middle with a ¼” hinge. I wanted to have pocket space for photos and embellishments. The hinge space gives plenty of space for that.

I love these cards! They are fun to make and I know my friends will love them. I am so sure that they will, I made extras to sell in the DIY Wright store! If you would like to purchase one, come back this Saturday! I’ll keep adding Valentine albums as I make them!

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