February 2018 Happy Planner Monthly Spread

Hey there!

I went to Hobby Lobby for one thing! I needed cardstock. That’s it. $48 later…

One of the things that jumped into my shopping cart was this gorgeous Happy Planner cover. They are normally about $35 but apparently something fresh and new if afoot cause I got mine for 8 bucks!

I said that I was going to keep on top of my Happy Planner this year and I meant it. I make sure that I put my appointments on the pages and keep up with my decorating. I sometimes do the most when decorating but then other times I just do a little bit, use the planner for its intended purpose and keep it moving.

So, because my Happy Planner got a new, cute outfit, I had to decorate the inside. I turned to February and did what everyone else is going to be doing. I decided to paint it red and pink!

I pulled out my red, pink and ‘hearted up’ washi tape. It’s scary how much washi tape I have that can be used for Valentine’s Day.

I added my appointments and meetings and special events using reds and pinks where I could. It’s probably overkill but it’s February! It’s the one month that you can get away with it.

Have you been keeping on top of your calendar? What does your monthly spread look like? If you need some ideas, you know that Pinterest always has some great ideas!

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