February Heart Calendar

Hey there!

Every now and then I take on a project that looks like it will be time intensive or one that I know will take a long time but I like the look of it and want to try it. I have seen this heart calendar on Pinterest and while I was pretty sure it would take some time and steady hands, I still wanted to try it.

The project requires a lot of tiny hearts. Luckily I have a small heart punch. I could never have cut out this many hearts. I punched out 52 hearts. I only used 48 of them but I still had to punch them all.

And you need ombre shades of paper. I pulled 8 sheets of paper and punched the hearts accordingly. Just take my project, count the hearts and punch yours.

To find a calendar, all you have to do is search online. I created one for another project so I just pulled an old calendar (obviously not one from 2018!) and used it.

I started adding hearts at the bottom of the larger heart and worked my way up. I folded all of the hearts in half with a light crease. Then, I added glue to the crease and carefully, painstakingly, placed the hearts.

48 of them.

That’s probably why I missed the fact that the calendar wasn’t for 2018!

As a bonus, I took a tiny glitter foam heart and added it to February 14, that lovey-iest of all holidays. I thought it was cute.

If you want to try this particular project, it’s not that difficult. Pull a calendar, get several shades of red, pink and white paper, a heart punch and some glue. It took me about 30 minutes from first punch to last carefully placed heart.

Go ahead -- try it!!

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