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Hey there!

Can I tell you that getting out of bed and heading for the craft table is the best?! On the days that I’m not working, I’m crafting. It’s so cathartic and when I use to work a pretty stressful job, crafting helped me settle my mind and let the day go.

January and February have been such fun crafting months for me. I have found so many great projects to try and a few that I keep going back to. One of the “keep going back to” projects is the Valentine album. It’s a mini photo album with 3D elements and 2 photo spots. I’ve been popping them out left and right. But, I found a great new design that I’ve added to my repertoire (and my online store)!

I’ll be the first to admit that the Galentine movement wasn’t one that I jumped on immediately. But who can resist the cuteness of it? Have you seen some of the stickers and ephemera packs that have been put out? Seriously, who could stay away from this? And, I am definitely one that has no problem hanging with my girls.

I have purchased all of my Galentine items from Michaels craft store but I know that many other places including Etsy and other online retailers, have Galentine cut outs and stickers. I just took my Valentine album template and added the cutsies that I found on fun, pastel paper.

Between the wine and martini glasses, shoes and besties shout outs, I had no problem creating albums that I think are perfect gifts for my girls. It’s a big “I love you girl!” for the ladies that lift you up when you are down or ride through the storms with you. If you are looking for something cute to make for your girls, definitely consider making these.

After all, if you want your girls to be ride or die, you have to remind them how much you love them and value their friendship!

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