Valentine's Pocket Pages

Hey there!

I had plans last year to make a lot of pocket letters. I bought tons of stuff to make them and thought of all the good people that I could send them to.

I made one.

Well, two for St. Patrick’s day. Other than that, nothing.

I should feel ashamed that I made those purchases and then nothing with them. But, as crafters, don’t we do that sometimes? It’s not a good idea but we still do it.

Well, in honor of St. Valentine, I decided to make another pocket letter! I have a friend in mind for this cutie!

I used the same type of 9 pocket page protectors as the St. Patrick’s day pocket letter. I found them on last year on They were pretty cheap. I know that you can also get them at the big box stores...just look for sports trading card protectors.

To make my Valentine pocket letter I cut 18 pieces of paper to 2 ½” X 3 ½”. I know that last year I cut them into 2 ⅝” X 3 ½” but I felt like I could streamline the measurements. The smidgen of extra space allows me to slip them in each page as well as add items to each page.

I pulled out my stickers, gemstones, dollies and cut outs for items to add to each pocket. You know, all of the things that you have in your Valentine’s craft box.

I created Valentine’s paper clips and mini envelopes to give to my pen pal. When your friend mail is going to someone that doesn’t use planners or paper craft, you try to give them things that they will use. I know that this friends will use paper clips so I made 2 sections with them.

I left a few spaces open and added minimal decor in others. I wanted my friend to be able to add pictures or notes in the spaces if she wants to.

I think that you can always fancy up a pocket letter with ribbon tassels so that’s what I did. I cut several pieces of ribbon about 18” long and folded them over to create my tassel.

I added washi tape to the end of my pocket protector and added the tassel to the first hole at the top.

Most of my crafts are easy. This one was no exception. The hardest part was finding the pocket protectors. Other than that, just be creative and create!

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