DIY Mardi Gras Crown

Hey there!

Valentines crafts aren’t quite finished but we do have to take a step back and celebrate Mardi Gras for just a minute.

Honestly it snuck up on me. I had been making Valentine’s crafts and keeping all things pink, white and red. I was at Dollar Tree when it hit me that I hadn’t made anything to celebrate Fat Tuesday! So, I grabbed a feather boa (cause yassss) plastic beads and gold, purple and green chenille stems and went to town.

I scoured Pinterest (like always) and came across this cute as pie Mardi Gras hat! I knew that it would take no time at all and I had everything that I needed!

  • 2 pieces of 1 ½” wide pieces of paper, taped together to fit your head

  • 6 - 8 pieces of chenille stems in green, gold and purple

  • Hot glue (careful!)

  • Gems, ribbons, stickers or whatever else you want to decorate your hat with

All I needed to begin was a piece of construction paper large enough to fit on my head. I have a lot of hair so I needed about a 20” band of black paper (2 pieces taped together). I then added a smaller band of green paper for interest.

You can keep the band as it is or add gem stones or glitter. I used gold glitter washi tape. I thought it added that bling that I wanted.

And, I couldn’t put my fingers on my gold gemstones. I have no idea where they are.

I pulled my sparkly chenille sticks and bent the tops to create antennas for my crown Yes, my Mardi Gras hat has just been upgraded to a crown.

I pulled out my hot glue gun and got to gluing the chenille sticks at staggering heights. BE CAREFUL! I burned my finger a lot adding the sticks to the paper.

After I added the sticks, I clipped a Dollar Tree butterfly to the front. I’ve had this butterfly since last summer (I went overboard on my butterfly purchases) and this was a perfect use for it.

The great thing about this crown is that you can use the 1 ½” band like I did or you can make one with crown points. Or you can add gems in a crown point fashion. It’s Mardi Gras so more is more!

I will eat my king cake and wear my beads while wearing my crown. I have several masks to choose from so there wasn’t a need for me to make one. I’m not above wearing my Mardi Gras getup outside my house either.

Are you planning to make anything to wear or use? Are you having some king cake or did you go to a ball (or crawl) this weekend? Let me know!

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