Mini Valentine's Cards

Hey there!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine’s Day! I always do. I’m a single gal but that never stops me from pampering myself. A day of hair care, facials and mani/pedi’s always make a girl (or guy) feel good!

Now that the official holiday is over, I can show you some of the cards that I made to go with the goodies that I made for friends that I couldn’t show before because then the friends would see them!

I created lots of penpal pocket letters, Valentine’s Albums, and flipbooks. When I was preparing my mailing envelopes I felt like something was missing. Yes, the envelopes were stuffed to the gills, but my friends needed just one more thing!

So I made little cards!

The idea came from the fact that I had cut all of these cutouts and rather than put them all away unused, I decided to add them to the paper from my 6” X 6” paper pads.

I love these pads from Target. The bottom has a cute heart cutout edge. I just folded them in half and I even cut some of them in half.

The size was perfect for adding the cutouts and other embellishments! You can use the Galentines, romantic love, I like you or anything really. I made a lot of these and popped them in the envelopes before I sealed them and headed to the post office.

Oh! I also made a few paper straw pinwheels. Again, just using up my stash so that putting it away wouldn’t be so difficult.

Did you do a good job of making friend mail for Valentine’s Day? If not, don’t worry. St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and we will absolutely make more friend mail!

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