DIYing A Baker's Rack From Goodwill

Hey there!

Let’s take a slight break from paper crafting. Let me show you one of my other favorite pastimes. It’s still DIY but more of the DIY refurbishing.

I love going to yard sales, estate sales and thrift stores. I don’t like paying full price for anything so going to second hand stores and finding treasures is right up my alley.

About a month ago I was roaming through my local Goodwill and I found a bakers rack. It wasn’t in the best condition but at $4.98, it was one of those items that I couldn’t leave in the store. A basic rack can begin at $35 and ones that I had looked at previously were $100 plus. Even if I spruced it up a bit, I’d still be coming out cheaper.

While I couldn’t leave the store, getting the bakers rack in the car was another matter. I had to lay down the back seat and work hard to get the rack in the trunk/back seat. I had less than an inch between the legs of the rack and the back of the trunk.

My plan was to spray paint the rack white, add some sealed wooden shelves and fill that bad boy up with stuff. Well, the rainy season has begun in Georgia so I can’t spray paint or seal wood (I mean I can but I have to do it outside on my patio and... I’ll wait). But, I can still add stuff to the shelves and paint it later.

I went to Home Depot and had a wooden plank cut to fit the wire racks. The plank was $18 and HD cuts the wood for free. Sure that changes the price point of the rack but still kept it cheaper than what I’d have purchased in the store.

Once it warms up I can spray paint it so that it matches my furniture. Right now it’s rustic and looks great. It also holds the extra things in my kitchen that had accumulated.

So now I can get more stuff!

Have you DIYed something other than paper lately? What have you been planning to create?

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