It's A Haul Y'all! - Dollar Tree

Hey there!

I saved up the last three Dollar Tree trips and decided to present a haul! I didn’t want to get too much but I did want to make sure that the things I had seen on YouTube and in blogs made their way to my house!

I didn’t need any Saint Patrick’s Day items but I enjoyed using these stickers last year and I wanted to make sure that I had them again for this year. I used them in soooo many crafts last year. I got excited when I saw them again. I’ll probably get more!

I certainly didn’t need any Easter items. As a matter of fact, I’ll admit to you that my Easter box was never put away. I just left it in the corner and worked around it. That being said, this purchase wasn’t necessary but I wanted it!

I love the frosted ribbon. I wasn’t sure what I already owned but I wanted to add these to the stash. Again, I’ll probably purchase more. And this multi colored decorative mesh is for a planned project that may or may not happen. Who knows?!

There will be Easter baskets made at my house and while I can’t show you everything I’m putting inside, I can show you bubbles and eggs. Aren’t these both darling? Everyone loves bubbles and frosted eggs are great for home decor!

I have been seeing folks haul these fabric treat sacks and I couldn’t find them at the 5 Dollar Trees that I regularly haunt (yes, I said 5). I went to a doctors appt and found this one at a store near there! I also needed chocolate -- no explanation needed.

I saw one person haul these shaker stickers and the hunt began. They are so cute! They are great for penpal letters, mini albums and gifts.

I also found 2 sets of stickers. I was excited about the stickers because those are stickers that you would normally find at the craft stores for full price. Sometimes you can find them at Tuesday Morning for a discount but a dollar?! Never!

And last but not least I picked up some washi tape and a wooden stamp. Again, these were purchases that I didn’t need but thought would be nice. I knew if I didn’t get them I’d never see them again.

Have you been to your local Dollar Tree lately? If so, did you pick up some of the new goodies? What are you planning on making?

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