DIY Faux Succulent Garden

Hey there!

I wasn’t planning on jumping on the succulent bandwagon. Last year I ignored it completely. I wasn’t interested and I didn’t want to participate.

Folks! Dollar Tree messed with me this year! They brought out new succulents and cute pots and multicolored rocks. And, the YouTube community made the succulent game so tempting. They created cute diys with their succulents.

So, yes, I bought into the hype. I bought some white rocks, a plastic bowl and some cute succulents…. from the Dollar Tree!

The succulents we just plastic plants that I found. I picked some pops of red and some yellow to go with the standard shades of green.

Not all of the succulents were individual. I picked up two “potted succulents”. All I had to do was pull the plants out of the colored styrofoam. Then I cleaned the styrofoam out of the pots so that I can reuse them for another project.

I poured all of the white rocks into the bowl and then decided to add some clear and cream colored glass marbles. Then I began to add my plants.

I’m not a florist. I don’t know how to arrange plants. Heck, I have fake plants because I can’t keep real ones alive. But, I was able to plop these plants into the planter and make it look cute. I mean it really does look nice!

I probably spent about $10 on my arrangement and that might be more than you want to but you can do it cheaper if you’d like. You can do it for $3 or $4 if you want. Just do it.

You know those faux plants you see at the big box store? Yeah, you just made one of those!

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