Intentional Blog Post Planning - March 2018

(Note: Yes, I know that some of the pictures are blurred. While I wanted you to see the process, I didn’t want to giveaway all my posts for the month!).

Hey there!

Come on a journey with me. Not a long journey but an important one. It’s a journey that I should have been taking every month but I haven’t been. Part of my Year of being Intentional, is putting more, intentional time into my blog posts.

For much of last year, pre-planning my blog posts was knowing a few days before what I was going to talk about. It also meant writing the post the night before (sometimes day of) and hoping for good sunlight for pictures. This year I say NO MORE (or only sometimes) because my plan is to pre-plan and be INTENTIONAL.

So this past weekend I pulled out the Happy Planner and some special paper and my special planner pens and started blog post planning for March! Yeppers! I am so ahead of the game! I’m pleased with myself.

I pulled out my Happy Planner, my Prismacolor pens and notepads that I’ve collected. I like the Prismacolor pens because even though I’m not normally a fan of thin line pens, these are pens that write nicely and work well on my planner pages. I used the notepads to jot down ideas for the masterplan. I always keep notepads around.

I checked the calendar online to see what was coming up for March. Besides the obvious one, St. Patrick’s day, Daylight Savings time is coming up and then Easter is Sunday April 1. That’s 3 major game players in March.

I pulled out paper that I printed from one of my favorite planner Etsy shops and punched them for my Happy Planner. I wrote a list of all of the things that I wanted to talk about in the month of March. I tried to keep it themed with a few extras sprinkled in. I also added some bonus topics just in case I get the urge to switch or a project doesn’t go as planned -- cause that happens sometimes.

On two lined pages I wrote the dates and days of the week so that I could pop my plans in for each day. I blog every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I normally save Saturday for my larger blogs that either have more moving parts or require a bit more planning.

The fourth page is a list of items that I’ll potentially need. I put the things that I do have versus don’t have in different colors. As I go along, I’ll mark off the things that I pick up.

And, because I had my notepads handy, I made a page of things I’ll need for March so that I can pick them up when I go shopping. It’s nice because I won’t have to get everything at the same time. #paceyoself!

I have to admit that there is a tremendous weight off of my shoulders knowing that I have prepared a blogging calendar for March. I can stick to it or veer off a little bit but at least I have a plan.

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