Making St. Patrick's Day Cards

March 4, 2018


Hey there!


You know what time it is! I’m making St. Patrick’s Day cards!



I like making my cards a few weeks early so that I can get them in the mail. So, I spent the last few days thinking about what types of cards I wanted to make. I scoured Pinterest and found a few cards that I wanted to try. They don’t look exactly like the ones on Pinterest, but you know, I did what I could.



The first step for any project is to pull your paper and embellies. For embellies (or embellishments) we have stickers, ribbons, flair buttons, gold coins, tulle and cupcake liners. Now, I don’t use everything on today’s cards but it’s nice to have lots of things to pick from when crafting.



I have to start with my favorite card that I made. Well, my favorite two cards because they were so fun to make, I made two! All I did was triple matte my card base, added a sentiment and then a glittery shamrock in the corner.


 I triple matted the cards, by adding a green piece of paper that was smaller than the card base, and a white piece of paper slightly smaller than that and then another piece of paper smaller than that. I love double and triple matting cards. It’s an easy way to make a card look fancy.



You know what else makes cards look fancy? Ribbon. I cannot tell you what a little bit of ribbon does for a card. On this card I used stickers, paper and a banner on the blank card base. I was able to use scraps for the 1½” squares at the bottom and I placed a sticker on top of that.



The next card that I made was the simplest. I matted the card with green paper and plopped a glittery shamrock in the center. I got 12 of theses for $1 at Dollar Tree. I found some cutouts on the internet and put a sentiment in the center.



As a matter of fact, some of my sentiments are from the internet. I just googled and printed out ones that I liked. If you don’t want to do that, create your own in a word document, maybe jazz up the font and size a bit, and print them out. That's what I did for the other sentiments.



My last card is a hodgepodge of everything. I used ribbon on the side, a sentiment at the top, and stickers everywhere. I love these stickers from Dollar Tree. I picked up 4 spare packs before March. I’ll probably grab 5 or 6 more before the season is out, you know, for next year.



I took me all of thirty minutes to make these cards. That included stuffing my face and watching YouTube videos. If I kept going, I could have made 30 cards without any effort at all.


Are you making St. Patrick’s Day cards? Let me see what you’re making. Tag me on Instagram and show me.  


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